Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ride just like a cowboy.
Ride on the thought.
You gotta' show the horse, who's the boss.
Stick those spurs in deep, cowboy!
Make your thoughts race!
YOU are in control now.
Race your horse, until he gets lathered up.
Then gently clean him.
Take care of him.
Brush him.
Talk to him.
Give him water.
Feed him.
Give him an apple.
Give him a couple sugar cubes.
You and "the horse of thought" are one.
Nurture yourselves.
Make sure you know what you are thinking.
Be sure of the clarity.
Don't open your mouth...
without riding the thought, long and hard.
You don't want to sound like an ass.
Don't run your mouth like some kind of "freaking" moron.
Get on that horse!
Sit erect in the saddle.
Make sure you do your research!
Then ride the horse.
You've got to learn it...
to earn it!
It sure ain't easy, being a cowboy!


  1. Hee Haw!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've taken some pretty hard falls on my horse, but we never give up! Sometimes it just has to hurt before it feels good!! Hee Haw!! I'd rather ride a wild horse any day!!!