Sunday, March 7, 2010


Who does not wear a mask?
We humans wear them every day.
Some of us wear the mask of a warrior.
Others wear the mask of a victim.
There are unlimited numbers of masks.
There are protector masks.
There are masks for:
Fairy God Mothers
Limosine Drivers
Ad infinitum...

We change our masks many times in one day.
Sometimes this process becomes extremely difficult.
A normal, calm mind, eventually becomes confused.
The hands and arms become tired,
because they continually have to change the masks.
The synapses begin misfiring.
Bombardment of stimuli, leads to lack of focus.
Reality becomes a house of mirrors.
The wholeness of our humanity evaporates.
We begin to crack.
We break into a million pieces.
We wear more masks to put ourselves back together.
Finally, we give up.
We wear no more masks.
We sit staring mindlessy at some gray wall.
Most people think we are gone.
They think we can't hear, see, speak, or reason.
They are wrong.
We are there.
We are merely, catatonic.
We hear, we see, we reason, we just don't move or speak.
This is our safety.
The final mask of psychosis.
We live in our own world...
Where there is one.

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  1. Me, myself and I! You are the best Richard! You make it feel good to be who we really are. I admire you immensely. You are my hero. Thank you!!