Sunday, March 21, 2010


Alfie's is my kinda' restaurant.
All the geezers in my neighborhood go there.
So you know the food is good!
The waitresses are all young women, of Eastern European extraction.
They have killer bodies, with huge breasts and pretty faces.
I guess it must be the hormones they feed the cows in Eastern Europe...
who knows?...Most of the girls who wait the tables have bad teeth, but that's alright by me, considering the rest of the package...A guy can't be choosey at the age of 61!. I had the full slab of ribs yesterday, with french fries and cole slaw.
I'm celebrating my low blood pressure and good cholesterol readings.

It amazes me what gives pleasure to me, at this stage of my life.
A good meal, restaurant coffee, followed by an hour nap is a "little bit of heaven". I used to go out at night at ten-o', drink, and chase women till dawn!...Geez! I sure can't survive that insanity anymore. My wife told me after lunch that she's going to make me go out dancing with her tonight. I doubt it. She's already snoring in her chair and it's three-in-the-afternoon! Taking our afternoon naps assures us that we'll be able to stay awake till ten-o'clock tonight.

I remember my dad saying to me years ago: What the hell are you doing, going out so late?" "There's nothing out there, dammit!" I used to tell him that he was an old geezer, and that he had no idea about "what's happening"! He used to just laugh at me, and shake his head negatively, from side to side. Little did I know so many years ago that he was right!...There ain't a damned thing out there, worth staying up for!

Alfie's is located on Roosevelt Road, just West of Main Street, in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. They've been in business for over thirty years. If you want to get some great food, at reasonable prices...and you don't mind eating with geezers and their walkers decorated with those funky looking, day-glow, green, tennis balls on the's a great place to dine. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. Too bad about those rotten teeth!! Sounds like a dance made in heaven! I want to keep this one for my daughter to read some day when she is much older. So, very, very true as always!! Thanks for sharing and I hope we can meet you and Deb at that restaurant one day!! xxoo

  2. That was so funny !!! I too, need a nap to have fun!!!LOL so true!!LOL