Sunday, March 14, 2010


For survival, keep a dream.
No matter how tough it gets...
Keep your dreams, pure.
Keep it in your heart.
Make sure it's honest.
Devote yourself to your vision.
Make the perfect plan to achieve it.
Doubt is the enemy.
Eliminate the word "can't" from your mind.
Work in ever-increasing increments.
Work with love.
Work harder than you believe is possible.
This is your song.
Devote more and more time to it...Nurture it...
Expect setbacks.
Never give up!
Setbacks are meant to strengthen your resolve.
Don't listen to any negativity.
Be turned on by people who turn you on.
Some people will want you to fail.
Avoid them like the plague.
Have faith in your plan.
If you take time to find the right path...
Your journey to the dream,
Will be less rocky.
When you get close to your dream...
You will see it.
Some of you will taste victory.
Others will taste defeat.
All of you will be winners.
All will be rewarded...
If you are willing to give up everything...
In pursuit of your dream.

from: "Chicago Stories and Other Thoughts from a Working Class Guy"...available on

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