Thursday, March 11, 2010


Women have the magic.
They are more important than men.
Those soft of cheek, lovely creatures...
are the bearers of the fruit of all mankind.
Why don't we call it womankind?
Women are blessed by the ability to carry new life,
in their bellies.
I envy their experience.
The feeling of that entity with them...
growing and kicking...
is so beautiful to me.
The final emergence of the baby after enduring,
the great pain of childbirth, has to be quite a reward.
It must be amazing to the mother, having this little soul...
placed on her chest.
To feel it nursing...drinking her milk...what joy!
To know that she and her little one, will spend the rest of their lives...
I am mystified by the whole process.
I love looking at women.
Their demure smiles, the wisps of their fine hair which falls...
in a way they sometimes dislike.
It is such beauty to my eyes.
I love their dark eyes, their walk, the way they hold their tea cups.
I like to look deep into their souls.
I enjoy how they pretend that I am not there.
I know they see me.
It's alright...I'm not embarrassed.

I love how my wife still looks into my eyes.
I like how she puts her head in the crook of my arm,
on the love seat at night.
I am so lucky that she still loves spite of myself.
I love her passionate embrace.
Time has made her better for me, every year.
I love how our little baby has grown into a beautiful woman.
My daughter is a living miracle.
I am astounded by her grace and intelligence.
She has young, soft skin.
I love the way she carries herself.
More than anything, I am happy she is proud of me.
She still calls me, "Daddy".
I am the protector.
I look forward to the day I get to meet my grand child.
I just hope it's healthy, whether it be a boy or a girl.
But, somehow I hope it's a girl.
I want to experience the magic again!

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  1. The magic of falling in love all over again. Child birth has to be the most remarkable experience in the world. Women are fascinating creatures. I enjoyed that!