Monday, March 22, 2010

EATING CONTESTS AND OTHER BIZARRE EVENTS...from: "A Spider in the Corner of my MInd"...available on

A person can generally gauge the decline of a society by its' citizens interests. Ancient Rome is a good example of this truism. Political treachery, debauchery, and last but not least, the mauling of gladiators and slaves in the Coliseum, proliferated in ancient Rome, before its decline. A once great and noble Rome, fell eventually because of a pernicious disintegration of its' moral fiber.

Fast forward, if you will, to America...This is the America we all know and love today. The year is 2010. One totally bizarre spectacle which astounds me, is the eating contest. It baffles me how a young girl, in her early 20's, can stuff 100 hotdogs down her gullet in ten minutes! She only weighs 100 lbs. for goodness sakes! This is an amazing feat of gluttony! In my minds eye, I can see her rushing to the vomitorium, to upchuck her "dogs" after the event!...Yuck! The supporters of this "so-called" sport call it an "Olympic Event". People who are really good at it can earn upwards of a hundred-thousand-bucks a year! People flock to see these well advertised abominations, and what is worse, these events are televised. Gluttony, (one of the Seven Deadly Sins), is on national TV! Way cool! The next thing we are going to see are drunken circus geeks eating live chickens. Naw, that wouldn't fly! More likely, the American viewing audience might prefer live crucifixions. We could really get off on a good old fashioned crucifixion. Now we're talking turkey!


  1. 100 Hot Dogs in 10 minutes!! I gotta see that! LMAO!!!!

  2. I did see it!...amazing!...Tomorrow, my desire to be a secret agent!