Friday, March 26, 2010


the one i love...
accepts me, after all the evil I have done.
she is beautiful.
i don't deserve her.
i got lucky.
love sometimes hurts.
the pole dancer knows this.
i see them with vacant stares.
dollar bills thrust down...
into private areas...
it's pathetic.
the one i love is a madonna...
a friend,
a whore,
a confessor,
a goddess,
all these things.
I am faithful to her.
She accepts the goodness in me...
the evil,
she loves my mind,
my body,
for she is the one i love.
my madonna,
my whore,
my best friend,
my confessor,
my goddess.
I asked her: "what is guilt?"
she answered: "do you want to dance with me?"
she is my madonna,
my whore,
my best friend,
my goddess,
she is the one i love.


  1. You are so very fortunate to find a woman who is all of that! Beautifully written as always!!

  2. thanks to the other Debbie in my life...You make me want to write more...You are my good friend!...i love yah!...richie