Saturday, March 27, 2010

LOVE...from: "Chicago Stories"...available on

We rise to love.
For all that really matters involves love.
We rise to love, if we truly live.
What else is there in life...
But to be near you?
We rise to love...
If we are faithful and true.
We two, are one.
Under God's view.
We are what is best, if...
We rise to love...
Through all adversity.
Through pain and torment...
Through rejection and illness...
Even the loss of all we own,
We rise to love.
For what has more meaning?
What has more importance?
Not fame or education.
Not wealth or beauty.
Through health, illness, and death...
Love is most important.
Being loved is the most important reward.
The greatest loss is the loss of real love.
So rise up, and love the ones who love you best.
Nurture your love.
Make your industry one of love.
Love freely and openly.
Spread the love around...
Especially to those who would have none of it.
They might rise to your love, for they need it the most.
They have nothing to lose.
You might open their empty hearts.
Some of them will rise to accept your love...
Hear the melody of your special song.
Follow your song of love.
The time to love is now...don't wait...don't be late.
Rise up to love.

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  1. I cried the first time I read this & I just cried reading it again now! Anything can be overcome when love is in your life. The greatest gift is giving and to give without wanting anything in return, but the happiness of those you give to is the truest form of love I feel you can give. Does that make sense? As always, beautifully written!!! xxoo