Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's spring in my "hood".
We're shooting hoops in the park.
I'm feelin' that sun on my back, once again.
Ole' man winter has had his way, for too long, baby!
The "hawk" is almost gone,
just like Lou Rawls, who sang the same song.
Out come the paper bags, that hold quarts of cold beer.
I can still smell the Chicago hotdogs on Halsted Street!
I see fine girls, moving their fine selves, as they swing down urban sidewalks. Damn!
I smell their perfume.
Spring has sprung!

I'm feeling my manhood spring right along with it!
I'm in a sexual mood.
The old tradition of girl watching has come back.
Men and "almost men", sit on porches passing blunts,
checking out the "booty" and talking shit.
We play baseball, and basketball after work on tavern teams.
It's nice to have a uniform that appears sexy to the neighborhood girls!
We get to be stars every night!
Oh yeah!
Our mundane jobs, or lack of them don't matter, when balmy breezes start blowing. Freshness and love is in the air. There's a manly gait in my step.
I'm smiling every evening now, as I gaze up at the stars.
It was too damned cold in Chicago to look at them in the winter.
Doors are opened in the taverns to let the stale, winter air out.
I see shoots of the crocus.
I see buds on the trees.
Life reaffirms itself every year.
It's not just for the rich people.
It's for you and me!
God, I'm happy to be alive for another spring!
Some of my "crew" haven't been so lucky.
I never forget any of them.
When I slam dunk a good one, I raise my hands to the sky.
It's my tribute to the fallen!...Oh yes!
Spring has sprung.

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  1. You bloody pervert!!! Oh, how I enjoy reading your daily blogs! Very good, very good!! I could just eat you!! LOL